The Alzheimer's Awareness Project



I'd like to share a personal photography project I'm currently working on...

This is my Father. This is a man who has faced difficulties in his life. Losing his own father when he was a boy, then losing his wife, when he was a man. His face tells a story. 

This is a man that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s .  As we face this new challenge together,  I wanted to capture the man I remembered, in a portrait.

I want to create more portraits of people fighting this disease -  with a view to raising awareness and shining a light on the struggle of Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers and their families.


If you have a friend or loved one also facing this disease and you’d like to participate and receive a free portrait of the person, please let me know.


Send along a private message to me with your family’s story to


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