Luxury Modern Asian Wedding Fashion Shoot in Miami Beach

4 Eyes Photography’s Faena Hotel Luxury Shoot

Wedding Fashion Photography Shoot

Just a few of the shots from an all-day shoot, published by luxury wedding styles & trends bible Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine in their new

Spring / Summer 2019 issue!. Everything was shot at The Faena Hotel on Miami Beach and they gave us free reign of the hotel, even allowing us to create a whole wedding ceremony in front of theiramazing ( real ) Woolly Mammoth art piece by Damien Hirst !

Special thanks to designers Naeema Khan and Zuhair Murado for their breath taking gowns.We truly had a Dream Team of professionals helping create an amazing collection of images!

More images from our amazing shoot :-


Photos: Kellie Walsh /@4eyesphotography 

Producer : @preminievents 

Stylist : @elysze

 assistant: @styledwithpoise 

Hair & Makeup : @johnny.levi 

Venue : @faena

Flowers & Decor: @tantawanbloom

Gowns: @naeemkhannyc


Jewlery: @zameerkassam

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