welcome to the 4 eyes photography Team

4 Eyes Photography is an international photography services company based in Manhattan, New York. The company was founded in 2001 by two partners - award-winning photographers Kellie Walsh & Rupert Rogers. Specializing in luxury Weddings, Fashion, Events and Lifestyle photography the company offers a range of photography services from both the partners and a hand-picked group of Team Photographers - available for events and projects of all sizes.


Kellie Walsh, Principal Photographer

It is not all about what you do behind the camera, but about you sharing a moment in time & connecting with the person in front of your lense. That is the alchemy of photography—shooting consciously.
— Kellie Walsh

" I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts,  and I found my passion and love for photography in college—where I first picked up a camera—and I never looked back.  I have been a professional photographer my entire working life. I just loved the way I became an observer, experiencing the world through the lens. Learning to see the play of light and shadow in a landscape or the feeling of interconnectivity when shooting a portrait or a wedding.

I still remember how excited I got watching a print emerge from the chemicals in a dark room (yes, I learned with film)—and the thrill of seeing what I had photographed!  Having that moment in time, forever captured. I loved spending hours in the dark room,  mastering the craft of the print.  

Now, years later and the medium is digital, the same thrill is there, as I watch the files input into the computer. The excitement of seeing the faces and the moments again, reliving the experience of connecting with a client at a wedding or photo shoot.

In 2001, my life partner Rupert and I created 4 Eyes Photography. With our different but complimentary photography backgrounds,  aesthetics and styles, we crafted a unique approach to capturing our subjects. Clients love that we’re a couple and work as a team to document their day. I love that I can draw upon my experience as a fashion and commercial photographer to direct the portraits, while knowing Rupert is there to capture the candid, unscripted moments.  

I feel so honored and fortunate to be a part of a successful wedding and commercial photography business in New York City, with the opportunity to photograph and connect to Brides and Grooms and clients all over the globe.

I have also embarked on many personal projects, and I also teach photography one-on-one at a private academy. It’s so much fun to teach kids how to find their own personal vision using the camera—passing on the thrill I had first experienced.

I could never be anything other than a photographer. It has defined me for years. I’m great at making people feel relaxed and drawing out their true essence. Even without a camera in my hand, I see so much detail and beauty in the world. I am so grateful that I had found my true passion so many years ago. "


  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Lover of black and white imagery
  • Meditates everyday
  • Teaches meditation
  • Loves music but can’t hold a tune 

Fun facts about Kellie:

  • Winston, my dog, is the labradoodle-love of my life
  • Teaches Kickboxing
  • Brown belt in karate
  • Toured around the USA in United Karate league while in college
  • Once rode a camel across the Sahara Desert
rup188 copy copy.jpg

Rupert Rogers, Principal Photographer

" I was born in Northampton, England and spent two years traveling the World - exploring Africa, Europe, India, South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific, visiting over 40 countries along the way. I wrote and photographed the entire time and developed a passion for photography. This period of observation and emersion in so many cultures really shaped and sharpened my eye for detail and understanding of the diversity and beauty in the world.

After living and working in London, Sydney and San Francisco, I decided to settle in Greenwich Village, New York City. Where else but the ultimate melting pot of cultures ?  I began a career in professional photography, spending over ten years at  Manhattan  Advertising & Commercial Photography Agencies Comstock Photography and later as Managing Director of both  Nonstock Photography and Popwire.

I met Kellie in 1998 at a photo industry party in NYC. Through a mutual love of fun, life, travel and photography, we quickly became a couple. In 2001, we decided to start a new adventure together and merge our fashion and advertising photo backgrounds and shoot together, with a shared vision, opening our own studio -  4 Eyes Photography , in the heart of Manhattan's Flatiron District.

After shooting 600 plus weddings together and hundreds of photography assignments around the world we are still thrilled every day we get to do this for a living! 

Since we began, we’ve always encouraged new talent through our Intern and Assistant Programs, and have put together a great Team of Associate Photographers, In-house Album Designers and Photo Booth Photographers - all available through our studio.  

When I’m not shooting for clients or fun, I still love to travel and have a passion for live music, theatre, comedy and politics ….and spending time with Kellie in our old 1800’s Victorian house near the Hudson River with our labradoodle Winston and a good cigar ! "

Fun facts about Rupert:

  • Was once chased up a tree by a rhinocerous in Nepal
  • Got hugged by a stingray in the Cayman Islands
  • Bitten by a monkey on a volcano in Indonesia


  • Hung out with a family of Mountain Gorillas in Zaire
  • Has Keith Richards’ autograph
  • Loves a good curry

Kellie & Rupert always shoot weddings together.

4 eyes photography also offers the following hand-picked Professional photographers, available to expertly capture your wedding or event too.

They are experienced, tried and tested professionals, available for Weddings, Events and all manner of custom photo shoots. 
Click to view their individual portfolios and contact us directly for Rates, Availability and Booking.

JJ+TEMPLATE copy.jpg

JJ, Associate Photographer

Born in Northern California, JJ studied Photography, Cinema and Media Arts at Ithaca College's Park School of Communications. There she learned the classical, technical and theoretical aspects of the medium of photography, and graduated cum laude during the big change over in the Photography Industry from film to digital. She has been on the forefront of the digital photography world ever since.

After relocating to New York City, she has worked with a wide array of clients and subject matter—ranging from her tattooed portraits for Rebel and Urban Ink Magazine to the bridal fashion of the Jenny Yoo Collection and Bari Jay Fashions—but soon developed a passion for Wedding Photography.

To JJ there is nothing more personal and beautiful in life than being able to capture and record personal events—life's precious moments, rights of passage, and all of the moments that make up a person's life—and being able to tell a story with her images. To her it is an honor to be that person, to be there for other people and deliver a product that will be looked at for years to come with fondness and joy. Nothing is more fun than experiencing the joy of others.

JJ has a passion for life, and she is one who goes where her heart takes her: be it in the ring as a boxer, shooting  weddings on the beaches of Malibu; the coast of Georgia, St. Thomas, or at Old Saint Patrick's Cathedral; or spending a week in the Nevada desert shooting tattoos at Burning Man !

She is open minded, easy going, and always goes the extra mile to capture your day with skill and style—and a smile!


Angelica,Associate Photographer

Born in the Philippines, Angelica grew up in New York City but lived in Boston for five years. She graduated in 2001 from Boston University's School of Communication where she studied Broadcast Journalism.

She has used her skills to capture the moments of a wide variety of events and assignments over the years and truly loves to tell a story through photographs. Her favorite moments to capture are usually found at weddings.

"It’s such a beautiful time filled with happy memories, tears of joy, candid reactions, and heartfelt emotions,” she says. “It is always an honor to be chosen to be a part of a couple's wedding day and document every detail so that they can look back on their special day and enjoy their wedding again and again.”

In addition to events in New York City, Angelica has photographed weddings in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Barbados, Boston, California, DC and Florida. She loves to travel, so consider her bags packed if you need her to travel anywhere in the States or overseas!


Originally from New Zealand,  Tilly graduated top of her photography class at UNITEC Institute of New Zealand. After college, she became a national award-winning photographer there, before relocating to New York City, where she has lived for the past 10 years.

Tilly’s approach to wedding photography is honest and fresh. She is unobtrusive yet creative and loves capturing events through the art of visual storytelling. Tilly’s clients love her laid back Kiwi personality. She always strives to have fun with her couples, make them comfortable and be themselves, so that their wedding photos truly reflect who they are.

Tilly loves shooting weddings, this is what drives her and what fulfills her creative passion. In her downtime, she enjoys life in Brooklyn with her Persian cats, catching up with friends.... and indulging her love of travel whenever she can. !






Originally from Plymouth, Massachusetts,  Winston is Head of PR & Security.

In his spare time he enjoys barking, jumping on people and long walks three times a day.